May 28, 2016


In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies. For more than two centuries, days of thanksgiving were celebrated by individual colonies and states. It wasn't until 1863, in the midst of the Civil War, that President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving Day to be held each November. However it wouldn't have happened if a woman named Sarah Josepha Hale didn't petition President Lincoln to pass it as a national holiday.

The New Hampshire-born Hale had grown up regularly celebrating an annual Thanksgiving holiday," She often wrote editorials and articles about the holiday and she lobbied state and federal officials to pass legislation creating a fixed, national day of thanks on the last Thursday of November—a unifying measure, she believed that could help ease growing tensions and divisions between the northern and southern parts of the country. Her efforts paid off: By 1854, more than 30 states and U.S. territories had a Thanksgiving celebration on the books, but Hale's vision of a national holiday remained unfulfilled.

The outbreak of war in April 1861 did little to stop Sarah Josepha Hale's efforts to create such a holiday. She continued to write editorials on the subject, urging Americans to "put aside sectional feelings and local incidents" and rally around the unifying cause of Thanksgiving. And the holiday had continued, despite hostilities, in both the Union and the Confederacy. In 1861 and 1862, Confederate President Jefferson Davis had issued Thanksgiving Day proclamations following Southern victories. Abraham Lincoln himself called for a day of thanks in April 1862, following Union victories at Fort Donelson, Fort Henry and at Shiloh, and again in the summer of 1863 after the Battle of Gettysburg.

Shortly after Lincoln's summer proclamation, Hale wrote to both the president and Secretary of State William Seward, once again urging them to declare a national Thanksgiving, stating that only the chief executive had the power to make the holiday, "permanently, an American custom and institution." Whether Lincoln was already predisposed to issue such a proclamation before receiving Hale's letter of September 28 remains unclear. What is certain is that within a week, Seward had drafted Lincoln's official proclamation fixing the national observation of Thanksgiving on the final Thursday in November, a move the two men hoped would help "heal the wounds of the nation."

Thanksgiving is a holiday with an intended history of putting aside our differences and coming together, whether that be pilgrims and indians, a family, a community, or a nation. Gratitude is an emotion that is as powerful as love and feeling thankful for all that we have, makes us realize what is truly important. Think of who you can extend a dish of yams to like a proverbial olive branch to mend something in your life and let peace, love and gratitude carry you through the holiday season.

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May 28, 2016


Are you considering buying a Phoenix valley property as a second home or investment? Perhaps you are looking for a small cottage or apartment where you can escape for vacation, or maybe you want to have another home closer to family. Maybe you want to rent out your second property and make a steady income from your investment. Whatever the reason, a second piece of real estate can be a fantastic investment. However, sometimes getting a mortgage on your second home can be a challenge.

Generally, a mortgage lender will have tougher standards for second home loans than primary home loans. This is because usually when you are buying a second home your finances will be stretched thinner and you will have less money to spare because you are already paying a mortgage on your primary home. This will mean that your second home mortgage can be harder to get and might have a higher interest rate.

Here are some tips to keep in mind that will help you to get the best mortgage on your second property: Build up a decent amount of savings. Your mortgage lender will want to be able to see that you have a large amount of savings so that you will have enough to pay for the mortgage even if you were to lose your job.

Pay off any credit card debt. Many lenders will be hesitant to approve your second home mortgage if they see that you have a lot of debt on your credit card. They will want to see that you have a low debt to income ratio so that you will be able to pay back the loan.

Use the first mortgage as a good reference. If you have always made your payments on time and you are most of the way through paying off your first house, you could ask someone from your current mortgage company to vouch for you. The lender for your second mortgage will be reassured that you are a reliable person to loan money to.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind in order to make getting a mortgage for your second property as easy as possible. To find out more about investing in a Phoenix valley property, contact us at 480-696-5500.

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May 28, 2016

Off Market Property: 4034 E Tulsa St Gilbert AZ

Wonderful home in the Willows of Gilbert, built in 09. Four bedrooms, one downstairs, three FULL baths. Large diagonally set tile thru out the main level.The kitchen is FANTASTIC, large and open with eat-in area. Black kitchen appliances. Convenient 2nd level laundry. Great Master bath has separate shower, garden tub and the LARGEST walk-in closet you will ever see. This model (over 2000 sf) is one of the larger homes in this community. Fabulous Solar Hot water unit (2010). Two car garage with electric openers.One of the BEST values in the Community! Biking/Walking Path, Children's Playgrounnd, Community Pool. Contact me at: 480-266-9960

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May 28, 2016


What Are the Hot Phoenix Home Décor Trends?

Just like fashion designs and hair styles, home décor trends are constantly changing and evolving. Each new season brings a new must-have feature for your home. In order to keep your home in Arizona looking fresh and chic, what are the hot trends that you can incorporate into your décor?

Bright Paint Colors
Vibrant (and even neon) hues are very popular in fashion at the moment and they also look really chic on your walls. If you are looking for a way to freshen up a dull room, a bright pop of color can really do the trick. It doesn't have to be overwhelming if you keep the rest of the room neutral and use the bright color as an accent.

Original Artwork
Decorating your home with unique and original works of art from funky local artists is a hot trend this year. You could find such pieces at a local art fair or on online craft auction websites. You could also check out a local art school or university art program in your area where you can buy some student artwork at cheap prices.

1920s Inspired Designs
With the Roaring 20s being revitalized on the silver screen in the show Boardwalk Empire and the film The Great Gatsby, designs from the 1920s are becoming more popular. Why not incorporate some gorgeous Art Deco furniture or decoration into your home? Check out auctions to find authentic vintage pieces for cheap prices.

Simple Wood
Another hot trend is unfinished exposed wood furniture, with a very natural texture and feel. These simple wood pieces give your home a natural beauty that compliments any color. It works well with neutral accents to give the home a very peaceful and welcoming atmosphere.

Stripes and Graphic Prints
Crisp patterns, graphic prints and stripes are popular at the moment in everything from fabrics to wallpaper to furniture. If you really want to make your home décor look cutting edge, incorporate some of these eye-popping graphic designs into your décor.

These are just a few of the hottest home décor trends for the year. Which ones will you incorporate into the décor of your home?

For more information about home ownership, feel free to contact us at any time by calling 480-266-9960 or emailing [email protected]

Art Deco furniture or decoration

Artwork at cheap prices

Bright pop of color


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May 28, 2016

Buy These Gilbert Homes with No Money Down

Here are homes that are available in Gilbert to purchase with no money down. That's right, you do not need a down payment to buy these homes!

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May 28, 2016

1463 W Oriole Way, Chandler, AZ 85286

3D Showcase for 1463 W Oriole Way

View more details about the home here 1463 W Oriole Way

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May 28, 2016

How We Sell Your Home For More Money & Guarantee the Sale

There's a difference between selling your home and selling your home RIGHT! When you sell your home, you want to get the most amount of money in the least amount of time. To do that, we generate tremendous demand for your home by delivering maximum exposure. We start generating buzz about your home by using professional photography and video services.

It starts with a personalized video tour:

Then we add a drone video coverage for an aerial tour of your neighborhood:

We follow that up with a 3D Tour:

Every listing we take gets professional photos:

Then we find the buyers where they're hanging out!

Schedule a consultation by going to


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May 28, 2016

Guaranteed Sale

Guaranteed Sale

Every real estate agent will promise to sell your home. We guarantee it. We bought Grant & Alison's after 90 days.

buy this home and i'll buy yours


Schedule a consultation.

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May 28, 2016

Facebook Marketing & Google Marketing

Most agents throw your home in the MLS and just wait. That's not good enough for your home! We actively look for buyers everyday through Google PPC marketing. We get more than 400 new buyers every single month!

On top of that, we actively find a buyer on your home where they are most likely to hang out! We target potential buyers in your part of the town on Facebook to generate additional buzz! Here's what we did for our listing on Vaughn.

And another one for our listing on Woodmere:

As you can see, we actively look for a buyer for your home! We don't just sit and wait on our hands.

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May 28, 2016

Professional Photography

Professional Photography

The best way to see the difference between the average agent's photography and our professional photography is to compare the same homes before and after we got there.

3776 W South Butte

3776 w south butte
Here is a home that couldn't sell for $125,000. Given the angle of the photos, it looks like the agent used a camera phone since they couldn't capture the size of the master bedroom. After a little bit of updating, we were able to get it sold for $164,697.

20604 W Walton Dr

20604 w walton
The property on Walton sold for $309,750 after sitting on the market for 376 days. With some minor upgrades, this home is set to close for $430,000. Notice that the angle and color is better on the front, and that the kitchen is much warmer in the after photos.



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